Doug Harmon Rebounds with an Assist from Dr. Bruce Blackstone

Dr. Bruce Blackstone TestimonialsDoug Harmon Rebounds with an Assist from Dr. Bruce Blackstone

Doug Harmon’s career as a meat cutter left him with damaged knees and ankles. He followed the advice of a friend and drove south to the offices of some big-name orthopedists in the Vancouver area for treatment. He says it was a mistake.

“I had a meniscus surgery,” Harmon said. “It didn’t turn out very well, and they didn’t want anything to do with helping me when things went bad.”

Harmon met with Bruce Blackstone of Longview Orthopedic Associates and life has been much better since Blackstone performed knee replacements surgeries on both of Doug’s knees.

“Dr. Blackstone is a great person and a great surgeon,” Harmon said. “The entire staff at Longview Ortho was friendly and professional.”

Doug’s mobility has returned and with it his quality of life.

Dr. Blackstone is the area’s most experienced orthopedic surgeon. He has performed thousands of joint replacement procedures, including knees, hips, and shoulders.